Friday, 4 April 2008

Change of direction for this blog

From now on this blog is going to be a personal, general blog. Pressures of work, study and my other blog have meant that I cannot dedicate the amount of time I would like to the subject of counter-culture. Nevertheless, I will continue sharing my knowledge and experience on the subject of history on my new blog The Modern Historian.

I have already imported some of the articles from this blog to that one (using an excellent tool called Blog2Blog available here) and I will be able to add content more often as I plunder my old undergraduate essays for articles and share the fruits of the academic research that I am conducting.

I will also feel to add new articles to this blog too, whether in the form of sharing my experiences of blogging in particular or rants about life in general. I will leave all existing content on this blog; although, the name and design will change (but not the address).

Thank you all for support for this blog.


Steve Hayes said...

Well there's the 40th anniversary of the Catonsville 9 coming up.

Stepterix said...

I am going to be looking at a number of 40th anniversaries over on my new blog. Starting with the student revolts in France that began in May.

1968 was a hell of a year, and in the UK there has already been some media interest in the 40th anniversary of the various events of that turbulent year.

I had not heard of the Catonsville Nine but I will make a note of it and mention the anniversary on my new blog next month.

Thank you for your interest.