Monday, 26 May 2008

A couple of comments about Blogger

Scheduled Publication
I have to say that I adore the new scheduled publication feature on Blogger. It means that I can write one of my 'On this day in history' posts on my Modern Historian blog when I have the time to write it and then schedule it to publish on the appropriate day. Saying that, on one occasion I scheduled a post to publish the day after I had only half written the post, and of course this far from complete article went live because I forgot to finish it.

To schedule your posts on Blogger just click the 'Post Options' link when composing a new post, and change the date and time settings to some date and time in the future. When you click 'Publish Post' Blogger will take you back to your list of posts and tell you that when the new post is scheduled to go live.

Formatting problem
My blogs all have 1.5 spacing (or at least I think it is 1.5) between lines of text, but when I put some features into a post this spacing gets reset and the text following a bullet list, for example, will look different to the other text. I could find no way round this, so I resorted to setting up bullet points manually.

Recently I found a solution. If I went to the 'Edit Html' tab on the new post page and put all the text following the bullet list (or whatever) between paragraph tags - the default 1.5 line spacing was restored.

<p>So the subsequent paragraphs would look like this.

With the paragraph tags at the beginning and the end.</p>

Maybe this will be of help to others who are having the same problem.

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