Saturday, 17 January 2009

First Articles on Helium

I have been a member of Helium for some time, but had not published an article there until yesterday. Helium provides a medium for budding writers to publish their own work and rate the work of others while sharing in the advertising earnings of the site. They also offer other ways to earn money including subject-based competitions and a marketplace where various organisations commission articles on a variety of subjects.

My first published article is about The raid of Medway, when Dutch forces attacked the British Navy while it was moored at Chatham Docks on 9th June 1667. The article that I submitted is an edited version of one I had published on my Modern Historian blog some time ago. After rating a few articles - a requirement of contributors who wish to earn money there - I also wrote an article for one of the many debates raging on Helium: Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which do you prefer? Regular readers of this blog may be able to guess which of these I chose.

If I see any income from this site I will be sure to write a post here to let you all know.


TMinut said...

I'm interested in finding out when/if you make money on Helium. I want to try it but haven't yet done so, I need $$ badly but I also just like to run my mouth!

dilbthelame said...

looks good, checking out - would have sooner but your email went to junk box somehow. d'oh

moonsilk said...

Luck to you.. I really realize now it is a long road to earning on Helium. But I do like Helium overall. Have you ever written for textbroker or demand studios? I like to suggest those to writers. I love your blog here :)

Stepterix said...

TM: Like most of these sites, the mor you put in the more you get out. To make mony on Helium you have to regaularly contribute articles and rate those submitted by others. The second of those is a requirement to earn any money from them.

Have you thought about mylot? You earn for taking part in discussions there rather than having to write longer articles.

dilb: Good luck with it. Remember to rate lots of other articles to qualify for payment.

moon: Thanks for the comment. I have not tried either of the sites you mentioned but I will check them out.

smellyrhinostudio said...

I like your blog, Step. I'm very random with mine as well. Good match. Interesting articles.

Stepterix said...

Rebecca: Thanks for the comment. I have to say I love the name of your blog Notes from Smelly Rhino Studios - classic!