Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Lack of posts and other thoughts

Apologies to any regular visitors to this blog (should such people exist) for the lack of posts of recent. My posts to this blog are intermittent at best and, more worryingly, very few of the articles that I do post may be considered to be rants. Following the last metamorphosis of this blog, I intended that I should regularly vent my spleen about the key issues of the time.

This has clearly not been the case, so I am considering renaming this blog to reflect its more general content. Also, there seem to be many 'rant' blogs out there too, so I have no wish to add to their number. I have thought about just calling the blog Stepterix and leaving it at that. I could then post just about anything I liked, even the occasional rant.

Expect a redesign some time in the near future.


Diff.Thinkr said...

Good site...... I like it ;)

Stepterix said...

DT: Thanks for the kinds words.