Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Two great new Blogger features

I recently noticed that Blogger has added two new much needed features. The first is spam comment detection. I, like most bloggers, have suffered from people leaving comments that are little more than advertisements for others sites. The system seems to put all comments that include URLs into a spam bucket, which is accessible from the Dashboard (click the 'Comments' link for your blog, and then go to the 'Spam' tab). Occasionally genuine comments will end up in the spam bucket, but since I receive email notifications of all comments, I can quickly restore them. This means that I will no longer have to consider switching the settings to moderate comments.

The second feature is a stats page, again available from the Blogger Dashboard. This appears to be a scaled down version of Google Analytics, which I will continue to use for more detailed information.


jenn said...

I love the new spam filter. It has kept a lot of crud off of my blog.

Stepterix said...

Yes. It is a real time saver.

Nooks n Corners said...

What took Google so long to have this spam filter? It really helps that now, we no longer have to delete irritating spam comments from spammers.

My blog still have people trying other ways to spam, but at least now, no more chances for automatic comments to mess up the blog.

Stepterix said...

I guess a decent spam filter for blogs is a difficult thing to create. I am glad that they seem to have cracked it though.