Sunday, 6 November 2011

The demise of Entrecard?

Many of you will have noticed that Entrecard has not been working properly for weeks. The owners of the web site have made no statement about this, which rather suggests that the site is not being maintained any more. This would be a great shame as Entrecard has provided bloggers with a lot of traffic over the years.

Adgitize your web site.

There are no alternatives to Entrecard which offer the same benefits, but I would like to suggest that Adgitize is the closest. As with Entrecard you can earn points by clicking on adverts on those web sites that have the widget and by having readers click the ads on your blog(s). To advertise your site you need to pay money (via PayPal), but this is no hardship because you will receive payment each month (again, via PayPal) relative to the number of points you accrue.

Unlike Entrecard you only have to click 100 ads per day on Adgitize to receive the maximum number of points. This is reduced to 50 if you advertise on the site. A single monthly advert costs $14, but if you post regularly and click 50 ads per day, you can cover most of this expense. If you post every day then you will actually make a profit of a few dollars. So you may want to run the widget for a couple of months to accrue enough money for your first advertisement.

Even if Entrecard hasn't shuffled off this mortal coil, Adgitize offers an excellent means of getting extra traffic, as well as a way to communicate with other bloggers on its excellent forum.


Stepterix said...

It looks like rumours of the demise of Entrecard may have been premature. I just managed to log in!

Mike Golch said...

I got in as well, ther are still some bugs that need to be fixed.not all of the widgets are being reconized.

John said...

I'm trying to buy ads and there are currently only 5 blogs in the system with a widget. :-( I've sent support requests via email and the online form, but so far no response.

I'm not even sure it's worth buying ads... Most of the widgets are displaying ads at the moment :-(

pictsy said...

Haven't entrecard done an update to their toolbar recently? To me it seems like they have made changes to the system resulting in unexpected bugs. I'm actually glad other people are experiencing difficulties because for the first couple of days I thought it was just my account. Hopefully it will be back up on its feet soon.

MsKatrina said...

The demise of Entrecard will not be because of changes but due to lack of communication and customer service.

Stepterix said...

Well, Entrecard are back with no explanation (or apology) for the down-time. I wonder how much effort goes into maintaining the site now.

Go Green! said...

I work very hard to keep my site updated. It is frustrating when advertisers like Entrecard do not do their part. I certainly think an explanation/apology is in order. Also what happened to those ads we bought on other sites and the ads that were bought on our sites? It would only be fair to reimburse us as we were counting on (and used our credits to buy) the advertisement. Not good business.

RJ Munslow said...

I've been managing to log in, but Entrecard doesn't feel the same anymore.

I first joined Entrecard in 2008 and it had a lot of people dropping, although i get people dropping, most of the people i was friends with before have either left or left the widget on their blog, but don't seem to drop anymore.

I don't think Entrecard is over, not yet at least, but i think it needs more consistent droppers to make it popular again.


I felt the same way, until I noticed, if you're using Google Chrome, it's becoming a big problem, with a number of sites.

I have been a loyal 'Chrome' user, but lately it hasn't opened the New York Times, and ET and just today

I have to change browser, go to firfox or something else, then every thing's okay.

As far as I know, it's a browser problem, not a site problem.

Stepterix said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Another set of recent outages and a complete lack of communication from Entrecard suggest to me that the site may be something of a lame duck.

With the demise of Adgitize and CMF Ads, Entrecard is the only big player in the blog promotion game, unless you know of any others.