Saturday, 22 November 2008

Adding a Mixx button to the footer of each Blogspot post

Recently Graham at Entrecard published a post promoting the use of social content website Mixx. Having become disillusioned with Digg I thought I would give it a try. I have created a profile on Mixx and added the code to my template to put a button in the footer of each blog. The code available on the Mixx site didn't quite work properly so I have edited it to work on Blogspot pages. This code will now use the correct URL for the post, making submission easier.

Now I make it available to you all - or at least those of you who know how to edit your Blogspot templates. Those of you who don't know how should read an introduction to customising the post footers in their templates, like this one from The Blog Doctor. You should be able to easily alter the code of the other Mixx buttons to work too by changing the image source.


Dwacon® said...

Thanks for that!

Stepterix said...

My pleasure