Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Top Ten Tunes of 2008: 10 - "Nude" by Radiohead

In something of an homage to the much-missed John Peel and his annual 'Festive Fifty' I will be listing my ten favourite tunes of 2008, one per day until the Number 1 is revealed on Christmas Day. Each post will contain the obligatory YouTube video (where available).

So let's get started with...

10: Radiohead - Nude

In Rainbows provides something of a sonic smorgasbord for fans of the Oxford quintet. Each of the tunes on the album could have slotted in to one of their earlier albums, but not in such a way that makes In Rainbows an incoherent random collection of tunes. Here is the melancholic Nude, which wouldn't have been out of place on OK Computer.

... tune in tomorrow for number 9

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