Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Top Ten Tunes of 2008: 9 - "Whiteboy" by James

I wasn't a big fan of James during their hey-day in the early-90s, but the sheer brilliance of the lyrics for "Whiteboy" made this my ninth favourite tune of the year. I particularly enjoyed the lines:

My mum says I look like Yule Brynner
Too old for Hamlet, too young for Lear
Got a shaved head, lost weight fakir
Got a pierced nip cause it's still hip to appear queer

Unfortunately there is no promotional video for the song on YouTube. Nevertheless, somebody put the song on there displaying the cover of album from which "Whiteboy" was taken. That may be no loss because it'll help you concentrate on those cunningly crafted lyrics.

... the number 8 tune will appear here tomorrow... I bet you can't wait...

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